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Professor Layton Game Series Discussion
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Serendipity [userpic]
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (Spoiler Chat)

I figured this could be good for those who have finished and want to talk without accidentally spoiling the game for those who haven't completed it yet.

Please don't check the comments if you mind spoilers and haven't finished.

But as a quick not too spoilery thing as I feel it's important to make a note of: The Daily Puzzle has achievements. 4 of these achievements have to do with doing one puzzle a day (5 consecutive daily puzzles, 10 consecutive daily puzzles, 20 consecutive daily puzzles, and 50 consecutive daily puzzles). Personally, I loved to just let them build up and then let out all my puzzle energy to doing a bunch of puzzles so this is throwing me off a lot (I actually had to set-up reminders on my calendar for 50 days--I got up to 10 before I forgot which is what had be start doing this).

Mostly just letting people know as I'm not sure how many people actually did each puzzle the day it came out.



Brenda - I will never understand the clothing outfit she wanted in the dress-up game.

Emmy - I always had mixed feelings on Emmy. I just... hated a lot of what came out of her mouth (I also felt bad for Aurora because she kept picking on her dress--I loved her dress :( ), so I guess since I didn't like her that much, the betrayal didn't bother me as much as it could've--regardless, I still felt it pretty messed up. I wish we got to see more of what caused her to go into that and I also wonder if she was ever that thankful for Professor Layton--her whole "behind the scenes" thing was showing how she was innocent thanks to Professor Layton and it's why she became his secretary/assistant, but with Targent that was shown to not be the reason at all. It also makes you wonder why she did some other things that had nothing to do with following the Professor (afterall, Emmy isn't with Luke and Layton at all for most of the movie).

Descole - I have such mixed feelings on the fact that he and Professor Layton are brothers. I mean, it was obvious the whole time Sycamore was Descole (afterall, we saw Raymond at the end of the last game), but I didn't see that coming. I think what bothers me the most is there were repeatedly times where it seemed like he just wanted to kill Layton/get rid of him. While you could extend it to that he wanted Layton to stop getting involved in these things and also the fact that Descole was kind of like Bronev in the sense of that "disguise" had lost hope and judgement on anything but motives for revenge, some of the stuff in the end part as Descole contradicts even that idea a bit (The best I could think of is going around with the group of them helped lessen some of that revenge only glasses). I really wish they didn't kill off his family though. I think he still could've been at that point without having to murder his family off--he was obviously still looking into Azran stuff for revenge or they never would've threatened his family.

Bronev - Ugh T__T I just feel bad for the entire family, but I don't think it was enough to justify how he acted. Even if his wife passed away (WHICH WAS ALSO SUPER SAD. THANKS GAME T_T), he should've still remembered his two children. It makes me sad that he somehow got so obsessed with this knowledge and power that instead of leaving to his kids when he became head (possibly with his wife) or even listening to anyone before he did what he did just didn't mean anything anymore. Even though I can understand Layton essentially not accepting any of that (his real name, his actual father, etc.), it still kind of hurt even though Bronev is a jerk. Just he finally lost everything and had his eyes opened and couldn't even get a moment of his son back (let's hope maybe he gets his act together and they can become friends at some point).

I also wonder if Layton ever asked why they only adopted one of them. I'm guessing it had to do with a budget thing or something--I mean, they also weren't that young there, but it was still pretty sad to see them break up siblings.

Aurora - T_____T I really adored her. I said in the spoiler-free post that I wish they had done more with Flora in that sense--I remember reading elsewhere that some people felt the reason for Aurora to get more is because of how little Flora had in the first games and also in the same sense due to what happened to Aurora, they were more protective over Flora. Regardless, it made me so upset that she had to die. I mean, technically everyone died (talk about depressing--I mean, they came back but wow... and Luke was the first to run up there. Sacrificing his little 12 year old self. (My boyfriend liked to point out he made less of a big deal of it than Bronev)). I think it was really interesting that Aurora was brought back and while she obviously had to go (due to not being in the original trilogy and all), I still wish something could've happened and she could've stayed around while being out of the way (afterall, the main trilogy was in the same year...). It made me so sad that Bronev just "stabbed" her and didn't listen... and bleh. The whole thing made me upset. Also, her outfit was awesome and I'd totally wear that dress.



I was sad to not see anyone from Miracle Mask make an appearance. Considering this game really lead off from the last one, I expected to see them pop up at least a little bit...

Anyway, I really loved San Grio. The hotel is beautiful. Definitely one of my favorites. I had a feeling Bud had the egg the entire time so I was amused to see I was right. I also really want a Popono now.

I found Hoogland's story incredibly creepy and sad. I'm glad that worked out, but just... sheesh, it felt so morbid. Mosinnia's was also kind of creepy. I'm glad Torrido got a happy ending--I had a feeling it was the elder lady the second we saw her so it felt kind of annoying to go through her granddaughter, but oh well. The game felt short and long at the same time due to the large kind of fetch quests with all the locations, but I still had a lot of fun with it.

I really love the StreetPass feature. I only have a few items left to get--I really love how the items you get help decorate the interior of the airship.

However, the tickets you can buy for the hotel are REALLY WEIRD. I can understand why they didn't put in some of the bigger characters in each, but I just... I don't even have words for how weird they are. I'll admit though, I really was hoping for an actual hotel room because of how pretty the hotel is :( So kind of sad we couldn't get a normal ticket too.

About Layton and Descole being brothers, I honestly don't know what to think about it. On one hand, either social services does not exist in Laytonverse, or they are terrible, for the whole "let only one orphan be adobted". Then again, everyone just lets Yula and Tony lives alone too. Also, they don't do anything after the relavation. Sure, Save the World takes more priorities, but has Luke no comments what so ever about that?

On the other hand, I guess I just have fun with them all being related.
I do like the idea that a guy who disguises as other people, has lost his original name and identity.
Descoles attitude to Layton is weird; he praises and has high expectation of Layton, and the same time seems to get great joy out of trying to kill him.

If the glasses necessary for Foster, and the mask is nessesary for Descole, does it mean if you steal the glasses/mask you get Hershel?

I hoped Ambrosia, Golden Garden and Akbadain would play a bigger role in Azran than "those three were needed to be solved before Aria awakens". At least show why they were needed compared to other ruins.

It been a while since I played it, I really need to replay it. Maybe I can think of more to say. I had fun recently by comparing the difference between the versions, though. Speaking of which, does Bronev ever claim he could be a messiah with Azran knowledge?

Edited at 2014-03-27 04:25 pm (UTC)

Yeeeah, game tends to be iffy with that stuff :( Or just doesn't think about it. I remember when I finished the last game, I was kind of bothered that nobody thought when they found the river at the bottom (or even if they didn't) to also check nearby towns from the ruins...

I don't recall Bronev saying anything like that.

But yeah, I wish those things had bigger roles as well--heck, now that you bring it up I remember when we first saw the travel aspect of the game, I thought we'd be going to each place to revisit it and was super excited (plus chance of character cameos). Thinking about it again, I'm sad they didn't do that... It would've made more sense with the highlighting at the end of the last game.

I remember hearing that the original plan was to produce two movies for the second trilogy, with the second one placed between Miracle Mask and Azran Legacy. Could be that they would have expanded on connection of the Azran Legacies there.

Wouldn't be surprised if they localized that, given that "Jakes, the man chosen by god" was localized to "Third Eye Jakes". Not that I mind if they removed that comment, it is mention once in response to one of Laytons warning.

Edited at 2014-03-27 07:54 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I remember that--movies between each and after. I wish they did--I really loved the first movie they did.

I believe it was just changed to how he needed it/the world deserved it or something like that--but yeah, definitely different.

I hope they make another one, whether make it part of either trilogy or make it a stand alone.
Or translate the books.

One thing I remember that annoyed me when I finished the game, was that in the end only Bronev was arrested. Bloom is released again, and Descole . Yes, he had a horrible life. Yes, he did save Luke, and he did sacrifice himself. I still think many people want him to repent for his actions in the rest of the games and the movie. Also, I kinda want to see interaction between him and Clive. Or with Bronev, now that he hopefully gotten better. Then again, I doubt there would be any productive dialogue there.

Yeeeah... It sounded like at least with Bloom he escaped which was why and then they couldn't find him or Descole, but still pretty iffy.

Descole's issue (I'm guessing) is he wasn't really the main bad in this game so it kind of wasn't effected--kind of like the Prime Minister in the 3rd game was the cause of killing Claire and Clive's parents due to being reckless and then paid people off to keep it quiet, but he never got punishment (until Clive) and we saw how that ended up too.

But yeah, I think Descole needs something whether it be jail time and/or lots of therapy between his childhood and then losing his new family as well. >_> Though, to be honest, I still have trouble sympathizing with Descole because he had been in 3 games and a movie and this is the first time he showed any care. I mean, like I said before, the whole thing with Sycamore was apparently that was still his hope and he threw it out the window as Decole (kind of like with what happened to Bronev), but it wasn't really enough for me to really feel for him. I felt for Clive (despite his death count when you think about it...), but just Descole's trying to kill Layton in previous games made his actions there seem odd.

It kind of reminds me of the Snape argument with Harry Potter--I never read most of the books so I can't speak really from experience (A friend of mine loves them though)--he had a pretty tragic story, but it really didn't excuse him from how incredibly cruel he was at times for something like that. I guess an ends doesn't justify the means kind of thing essentially.

I thought it was more similar to Don Paolo. Recurring villain, never caught. But I didn't care much that Don Paolo wasn't caught, probably because I felt he wasn't treated very serious. Descole, on the other hand, was definitly a horrible person for most of the trilogy, so it's jarring when he isn't caught. So you're right, comparing him to Bill Hawks do fits better.

I replayed Specter's flute and Miracle Mask, and started replaying Azran Legacy.

I have same complaint about Randall as I have about Descole. Yes, Randall was tricked. Yes, Descole organizaed all the Miracles. However Randall was perfectly fine with burying an entire city, if it wasn't him that suggested it in the first place. I'm fine with Heny and Angela forgiving him, given how much they did for him it really not surprising that they did forgive him. I'm not so fine with apparantly neither police or townspeople thinking he deserve punishment.

When Layton looks for his father, Lucille and Roland mentions that men in black wanted to see him. For some reason I thought it was likely Bronev himself that visited until someone else mentioned it. I always thought it was just some random members, though sent on Bronevs orders. Which made "haven't seen Layton since he was a boy" just cruel, because I thought they referred to the kidnapping. I wonder why Roland claims they were old friends or whatever he said. I get that he didn't wanted Lucille and the others to worry, but still.

I likes that the chapter titles portrays Azran rise and fall.

I wished there were a minigame in Azran with the missile you could play later in the game, like with the racing minigame in Miracle Mask. Harder to justify I guess. Also disapointed that Descole didn't complain about wreaking his ship. He being proud of his snowman makes up for it, though. Suggesting Sycamore stole the artifacts, never stops being funny.

I remember first time playing, that I was surprised that Descole didn't end up use the sleeping pills against Layton & co.

I also had my joke-theory that Roland and Lucille is immortal. Look they haven't aged in 30 years! Sure, it is just them being old, I'm curious just how old they are.