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Professor Layton Game Series Discussion
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Welcome to the Professor Layton community! This is a place for discussion, fanworks, and just about anything else pertaining to the Layton series.

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Erin [userpic]
The end is here :(

Hello, Laytonites. I know I hardly post here, but I do read all of your fics and whatnot. :)

So, the final game of the series... well, the last game that will be made, anyway... came out in the US earlier this week. I've been playing and am about half-way through. Love the story so far. I can't wait to see what the twist in this tale is and can only hope it doesn't make me cry, like the end of Unwound Future did.

Who else has been playing, and what do you think? I also saw some rumors online that a second movie may be made. Not the same as the games, but any port in a storm, right?

Oh, and I seriously need to get/make a duck mask for my Layton doll after seeing that scene. :D

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Me and my sis only just watched movie about a month ago... We were waiting for the best time to do so and we practially fangirl squealed for the whole hour and a half. Even though it was brilliant we both said it was like we were waiting for the video to fade out and a puzzle to pop up on the ds screens we weren't even holding. Nothing will really compare to the games.

Edited at 2014-03-08 08:21 pm (UTC)

I did the same thing when I watched the movie.

Maybe we'll get lucky and they will continue to have games, just with other characters taking the main role... like Luke investigating things from the US. I'd totally hate to say good-bye to this world for good.

I know with all it's strange machines and retro odness. I don't want to see it go... but then I don't want to lose any of the characters either T-T