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Professor Layton Game Series Discussion
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Welcome to the Professor Layton community! This is a place for discussion, fanworks, and just about anything else pertaining to the Layton series.

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koakuma [userpic]
[TRANS] The Forest of Illusion - Chapter 1 (part 1)

I got my version of Professor Layton and the Forest of Illusion and tried translating it a little bit~!!

I only translated until the first puzzle.
The first chapter continues after that, that’s why it’s only “part 1”.

T/N: I’m also not very sure of what the English version of the forest would be since it’s ネバーレイス (which sounds like never + lace).

I don't mind if you want to post somewhere else but TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS.

You can read it here, on my tumblr.


Oh thank you for sharing! I have this book simply as a collector's item, since I cannot read it, so I appreciate you taking the time to do this :)

You're welcome~!
Since I got my own copy I decided to start translating it little by little... also since it's a kinda long book lol
I still don't know if I'm gonna do it all but I think I'll continue translating it a little bit more at least.

Well whatever you wish to do, thank you for sharing your efforts with us!