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Serendipity [userpic]
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (Spoiler Chat)

I figured this could be good for those who have finished and want to talk without accidentally spoiling the game for those who haven't completed it yet.

Please don't check the comments if you mind spoilers and haven't finished.

But as a quick not too spoilery thing as I feel it's important to make a note of: The Daily Puzzle has achievements. 4 of these achievements have to do with doing one puzzle a day (5 consecutive daily puzzles, 10 consecutive daily puzzles, 20 consecutive daily puzzles, and 50 consecutive daily puzzles). Personally, I loved to just let them build up and then let out all my puzzle energy to doing a bunch of puzzles so this is throwing me off a lot (I actually had to set-up reminders on my calendar for 50 days--I got up to 10 before I forgot which is what had be start doing this).

Mostly just letting people know as I'm not sure how many people actually did each puzzle the day it came out.


I thought it was more similar to Don Paolo. Recurring villain, never caught. But I didn't care much that Don Paolo wasn't caught, probably because I felt he wasn't treated very serious. Descole, on the other hand, was definitly a horrible person for most of the trilogy, so it's jarring when he isn't caught. So you're right, comparing him to Bill Hawks do fits better.

I replayed Specter's flute and Miracle Mask, and started replaying Azran Legacy.

I have same complaint about Randall as I have about Descole. Yes, Randall was tricked. Yes, Descole organizaed all the Miracles. However Randall was perfectly fine with burying an entire city, if it wasn't him that suggested it in the first place. I'm fine with Heny and Angela forgiving him, given how much they did for him it really not surprising that they did forgive him. I'm not so fine with apparantly neither police or townspeople thinking he deserve punishment.

When Layton looks for his father, Lucille and Roland mentions that men in black wanted to see him. For some reason I thought it was likely Bronev himself that visited until someone else mentioned it. I always thought it was just some random members, though sent on Bronevs orders. Which made "haven't seen Layton since he was a boy" just cruel, because I thought they referred to the kidnapping. I wonder why Roland claims they were old friends or whatever he said. I get that he didn't wanted Lucille and the others to worry, but still.

I likes that the chapter titles portrays Azran rise and fall.

I wished there were a minigame in Azran with the missile you could play later in the game, like with the racing minigame in Miracle Mask. Harder to justify I guess. Also disapointed that Descole didn't complain about wreaking his ship. He being proud of his snowman makes up for it, though. Suggesting Sycamore stole the artifacts, never stops being funny.

I remember first time playing, that I was surprised that Descole didn't end up use the sleeping pills against Layton & co.

I also had my joke-theory that Roland and Lucille is immortal. Look they haven't aged in 30 years! Sure, it is just them being old, I'm curious just how old they are.