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January 2015
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minako017 [userpic]

It's my birthday and a Mini-Layton came to visit!!!
(Actually, it's really on Sunday but we had to celebrate it a little early due to classes starting soon...)

***Sorry about the image problems earlier. I think what happened was that I had accidentally set the security level to private when I uploaded them to my scrapbook. And then when I was trying to find where the heck to change the security level for the images (not the gallery) I accidentally deleted them instead. It should work now.***

This is probably pathetic, but I made my own birthday cake this year, because my mom only makes cakes from the box or buys them from the store (which tastes like crap!)

I wasn't originally going to make it Layton related but once I decided on the flavors, orange+chocolate, Layton popped in my head and just wouldn't leave!

This was also an excuse to try out some techniques I've never done before as well as seeing what I remember after not baking any cakes since last summer. So if it turned out to be a total disaster I'd only be disappointing myself.

Lots of pictures below!! ^_^
(I'm sorry for the crappy photos, I swear there's no decent light in my home!!)

Here's Mini-Layton sitting on top of his top hat with some puzz and hint coins.
Mini-Layton is totally edible! (Except for the ribbon on his hat and the toothpick inside holding him together.)
I made him out of marzipan mixed with a little fondant. I'm sure he's delicious but I just can't bear to eat him!

Mini-Layton chillin' in the home office.

Now he's on the kitchen table! He's on a quest for some decent light so I can take a nice picture.
And look! I (finally) got the games! Yay!

Mini-Layton chillin' in the kitchen where he was born!

Close-up of his adorable face!

A slice out of the hat!

Check it out!
Eight uneven layers of orange cake!
I made the thicknesses of the cake different to put the thicker sturdier ones on the bottom because I was afraid the fluffier layers would've been crushed if I put them on the bottom.

I probably should've used a little more buttercream....
I also should've moistened the cake layers with more sugar syrup... It was a little on the dry side.

But it was still incredibly yummy! ^_^


Here's what's currently left of the cake!
I'm sure that when I wake up, it'll be nearly gone...

For those interested in the creation process you can see more pics here. (Warning: tons of pictures!)

Next month I plan to do a Luke cake for my brother's birthday!!


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...why can't I see pic-a-tures? D:
I wanna see a cake Layton. D:

can you see it now?

Happy birthday!

It's a shame that I can't see the pictures either.

NOO!!! I spent forever!!!
I don't get it! I can see them!

Nope, pics don't work :/

Try loading them to a picture hosting website, like photobucket or flickr!

I uploaded them to my scrapbook gallery like I had done before.
...I just don't get it.
*wishes she had a sad-face icon*

I can see the new photo :D

Excellent. Thanks.

OK, don't panic. We can see the photo now. May we have the rest of them? :D

I'll redo the post asap.

That is absolutely stunning! You did this all yourself?? It looks so professional, you should be making cakes professionally. XD I can't imagine how much time that took.

Thank you! ^_^

My brother helped out a little, such as gathering the ingredients, and some kneading (particularly with the chocolate since his hands are much warmer than mine.) He also watched me make the mini-Layton, I'd ask how it looks and he'd tell me if it looked like crap or not, lol.

I did go to culinary school, so I'm glad it turned out looking "professional", it would be kinda sad if it didn't.

Fffff- there is so much awesome in this I cannot even begin to-
I want a Layton cake. D':

Thanks! ^_^

I could always make you one....

THIS IS AMAZING. I can't even believe it's a cake! (except that you've totally taken slices out of it, which just makes it MORE amazinggggg)

8 layers, holy crap.

And that's why I waited until AFTER I cut the cake before posting pictures. It really doesn't look like a cake, does it? But it sure smelled like one!

Hmm... now I'm thinking, maybe I should've spilt the 8 to make 16 layers, then there'd be more buttercream therefore more moisture.

You should be on Ace of Cakes! I'd totally buy a cake from you! That cake is amazing.

My thoughts exactly

It's an Ace-of-Cakes-calibre cake

Oh my god that is adorable and fantastic. I wish I had your talent. Make my birthday cake omg. ;__;

Aw~ thanks!

Give me Layton plushies and you've got a deal.



I can see the cake now, and it looks fantastic! Also, delicious.

I'm glad it's visible now. And thanks! ^_^

It's crazy delicious. It tastes like an orange wrapped in a tootsie roll.

Wow! :O

absolutely amazing. I want a cake like that for my birthday now omg

LOL! I can't believe someone has a Ramon icon! LOL!

Thank you!

Hand over some Layton plushies, and you've got yourself a cake. ;D

Holy crap that's one huge cake! XDXD
This, I have to say, is wonderfully done!! XDXDXD You have some wonderful talent! So creative and edible at the same time. OwO Happy Birthday!! XDXD

That reminds me of a puzzle...if there are eight layers of cake 5cm thick each with 1mm of cream between each layers, plus 3mm of chocolate coating on the top and 1cm of chocolate base, how long does it take a birthday girl to stare at the top Layton dearly before finally giving in and eat him? XDXD


Aw~! Thanks!

I went and measured it just now and it is 10 inches tall (a tad over 12 in. including Layton) and 6 in. across (8 in. including the brim.) So it's not really that huge, just ridiculously tall.

That puzzle was hard.
Here's my answer!
The birthday girl never eats the top Layton because it's impolite to go around and eat people (even if they're made of sugar. The only exception is gingerbread-men, they're just asking for it.)

I wish my birthdays could be this magical... and delicious ;_; Make more things!

I wouldn't say it was magical (maybe it it had been a surprise...) but it certainly was delicious.

Oh yeah, I've got more things on the way.
As I mentioned above, I'm making a Luke cake for my brother in a few weeks. ^_^
And I've got a couple other things I'm thinking about making....

So jealous of this cake.

thank you.

It looks so tasty and cute. This is the best birthday cake ever ♥

I wouldn't say it's the best cake... but I do adore it it. :3

I am mega jealous of your awesome cake. And impressed by the layers (when I try and bake a 2 layer cake it always gets all lopsided). And I really can't believe you made Layton. It blows my mind away

Also we have birthdays that are close together (mine's today) Happy Birthday! :3


Cakes rarely turn out flat, so what you need to do is cut off the part that's making it lopsided. It's a little tricky to do as it takes a bit of practice but they turn out much nicer when they're flat and even.

Yeah, I can hardly believe I made Layton too. o_O

I'm probably going to have a Layton hat cake too.... but that's if my mum can make it in about 2 weeks time for my party XD

Thank you!

Oooo~ post pictures if she does manage to make it! I'd love to see it! :3
(The world needs more Layton cakes!)

Layton Tea Party, anyone? XD


Thank you.

HII this is awesome!! And a happy birthday to you, too! ^^

That cake is EPIC :) Do you live anywhere near Chicago? I wish I could commission you for cakes, because you've got serious skills!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I do not live anywhere close to Chicago... If I did, I would totally make a cake for you! (I needs the $$$) I'm over on the east coast, either around Washington D.C. or New York City (I jump around a bit...)

SO AWESOME. Can't wait to see the Luke cake. owo